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Science Fiction
Michael Shayne Nero Wolfe Dr Kildare
  Michael Shayne Detective
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Nero Wolfe
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Dr. Kildare - Vol. 1
  Johnny Dollar The Six Shooter Fibber McGee and Molly
  Johnny Dollar - Vol. 1
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The Six Shooter
More details - Vol. 2 Available
Fibber McGee & Molly - Vol. 5
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  More Old Time Radio
  Suspense Vol. 1

Suspense - Vol. 1

Suspense presented radio drama's dealing with life and death situations. Highly popular with audiences, at its peak, Suspense was one of radio’s best. Film stars loved it. For the first few years the shows were introduced by “The Man in Black” originally played by Joseph Kearns. Suspense debuted on June 17, 1942. Suspense was subtitled "radio's outstanding theater of thrills". Suspense usually featured leading
Hollywood actors of the era. (Read the History of Suspense).

Starring some of Hollywoods Greatest Stars
1940 - 43 - 20 Episodes on 10 CDs. Read for more information and titles.

  Gunsmoke Vo. 1

Gunsmoke - Vol. 1

Gunsmoke is one of those long-running classic Old-Time Radio shows that everyone knows and remembers. It's also one that is still respected for its high values."Matt Dillon. United States marshal … the first man they look for, and the last man they want to
meet … it’s a chancy job, and it makes man watchful … and a little lonely.”

Starring: William Conrad.
1952-53 - 16 episodes on 10 CDs. Read for more information and show titles.

  Great Gildersleeve The Great Gildersleeve is a ladies man as well as Summerfield's Water Commissioner. Behind the bluster, he is a romantic and idealistic character, whose vulnerability makes us sympathetic toward him even while we are laughing at him. His romantic adventures, especially with the Southern widow, Leila Ransom, played by Shirley Mitchell formed the plot for many of the shows. The Great Gildersleeve was one of radio’s first great spin-off shows.

Starring: Harold Peary
1941 - 16 half-hour, full-length episodes with the original commercials on 8 CDs. CLICK HERE for episode titles and more information.
  CBS Mystery Theater CBS Mystery Theater

The CBS Radio Mystery Theater was an ambitious effort to revive interest in American radio drama. Every night from 1974 to 1982, host E. G. Marshal and produced by Himan Brown, CBS Mystery Theater ushered listeners through a creaking door -- similar to the one Brown used on Inner Sanctum decades earlier -- for an hour of “the fear you can hear.”

Hosted by E. G. Marshal. Starring Agnes Moorehead, Richard Widmark, Celeste Holm, Mercedes McCambridge and Howard daSilva and many more.
1974 - 8 One-hour episodes on 8 CDs. CLICK HERE for titles.
  Inner Sanctum Old Time Radio Inner Sanctum

The host of Inner Sanctum was the sinister sounding "Raymond." He had a droll sense of humor and an appetite for ghoulish puns. The program's familiar and famed audio trademark was the eerie creaking door which opened and closed the broadcasts. Inner Sanctum was one of those horror programs that could scare the pants off of you
. Inner Sanctum aired from January 7, 1941 to October 5, 1952. This collection includes 16 rare programs from the 1940s.

Hosted by Raymond Edward Johnston and starring some of Hollywood's most famous stars.
1944-45 - 16 half-hour episodes with original commercials. Read for more information and show titles.

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